Our Policy on dogs 

Every year we have people coming to take part in our experience days, leaving with great grins on their faces, but occasionally there are creatures leaving us without grins. Not often but, from time to time people think it appropriate to bring dogs with them. Due to the nature of our business, dogs are not permitted on site at all, through risk to the birds and to themselves. Though we have only had a couple of hot days so far this year, there are already reports of dogs dying in hot cars, in an effort to stop this we will be taking a strong and strict stance from now on. Should you bring a dog with you, you will be sent away, no refunds, no opportunity of rebook. I’m sure all dog owners and lovers out there will be able to appreciate this stance that we are taking.                                    -Michael Hill 

 Terms and Conditions

By using this website and booking with us, you are confirming that you have read and will adhere to the following. All of the T&C have been set aside to ensure the enjoyment of each individual experience. As well as, protecting the animals here at Hilltop Birds of Prey.

Booking & Payment

 1. All bookings must be made, either via email or over the phone with at least one day before desired date.

2. Payment must be received and accepted prior to experience, with exception for spectators, who may if desired pay on the day of experience. Refusal to pay for a spectator on entrance to the experience will force any non paid spectators to be sent away. Refunds will not be offered for participants who leave with their spectator.

3. Paid Spectators are limited to one per paying participant, exceptions may be made for special cases, however, do not book if you REQUIRE more than one spectator.

3.a. Spectators are not permitted in the hourly sessions 

4. Paid spectators MUST NOT be under the age of 13 years of age. This experience is not suitable for babies, or toddlers. Even from the point of view of a spectator.

5. Participants may not be under the age of 13 years of age.

5.a. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paid participant (or spectator if applicable) 

6. Payment for all experiences must be paid for in advance:

6. a. Cheques must be received and processed no less than seven days prior to the event 

6. b. Paypal or BACS transfers are acceptable up to the day before the event 

7. For traveling events, payment may be paid on the day via cash, or alternatively BACS after the event

7. a.BACS payments must be paid within seven working days of desired date

7. b. Late payments will incur an interest fee of 8% of the total amount paid per week of delayed payment

7. c. Reminders will be sent before any interest is added 


1. We operate a strict 48 hour cancellation policy. Refunds will not be offered to participants who do choose not to come as arranged.

2. As an outdoor sport, weather is a factor to the operation of the experience days; we CANNOT fly the birds in heavy rain, or strong winds. The severity of the weather is up to the discretion of the Manager.

2.a. Should a participant be rained off, then an alternate date will be arranged. Refunds will be invalid unless R&R – 1 is still in effect.

2.b. Should an event be rained off, then if an alternate date cannot be arranged then refund will be offered.

Refunds and Returns

 1. Should a voucher be purchased from us in advance, then the voucher itself acts as the purchased product. With such a product we offer a 14 day refund policy for the customer to change their mind.

1.a. Should aforementioned voucher be redeemed prior to the 14 days, refund possibility is then revoked.

2. Our vouchers are valid for MAXIMUM of 1 year from purchase. 

3. Expired vouchers will be considered invalid and will not be accepted at time of booking. 

3.a Vouchers have a clearly visible date of expired written at the time of purchase, however should you wish to still redeem your voucher after the validity period we (at the discretion of management) may look to increase the expiry of the voucher for a further 6 months, for the non negotiable admin charge of £20 see our storefront page to take advantage of this offer.

Traveling Displays

1. Payment is accepted by either online payment, cash, cheque or BACS.

1.a. Online payment, or cheque is required prior to the event

1.b. Cash may be paid on the day of the event

1.c. BACS is used often is the finance department is not present and we will require payment either before or within 7 days of the event.

2. Should the weather be worse than expected to the point that flying is no longer possible the onsite trainer, reserves the right to cancel the flying display should the weather not be suitable for flying

2.a. The condition of the weather is determined by the discretion of the trainer on site.

3. Flying can also be cancelled on the following guidelines: a. Busy road too close // b. River adjacent // c. Low running power lines // d. Other dangerous events (dogs/shooting/archery etc.) // e. Low flying aircraft in area

(All of these are for the protection of the birds, which is a subject we take very seriously and will adhere to these guidelines to the letter) 

Regulations regarding the participation of experiences

1. We will make every effort to ensure that your day is personal, and specifically memorable for you

2. Cameras, of any kind are most welcome, though we may ask you to put them away for specific birds, this is in an effort to ensure the stress levels of the birds remain at the lowest state.

3. During the introductions on any experience day the participants guide/handler, will judge the level of humour in the group, and should a single participant of a potential six, laugh at one of the handlers introductory ‘jokes’ this enables the falconer the right to make terrible ‘jokes’ throughout your experience. (Let it be known, you have been warned)

  Additional Regulations of Hilltop BoP

1. Entrance is by appointment ONLY

2. Due to the animal based nature of the business, DOGS are not allowed on site at all, we are strong supporters of not leaving dogs unnecessarily in cars.

2.a. Any DOGS brought to our site will be asked to leave, no refund will be offered to the owners of the animal

3. As an outdoor activity based on its entirety in a field setting wheelchairs are ill advised, please call to discuss any specific requirements.

3.a. As above, young children are not to be invited on site, and prams or buggies are not welcomed either. 

4. We will only respond to missed telephone calls after a voice message has been left requesting a call back. It is our policy not to call un-messaging numbers through risk of breaching secrecy of gift buyers. Therefore any un-returned calls do not count as a failure to open communications with customers.  

4.a. We will strive to return all messaged calls and emails within 24-48 hours of receipt. As a traveling display team we can be out of the office for up to 3 days at a time. If the office is empty for longer the answerphone message and auto response emails will be put into effect. 

Website Restrictions

All material found on this website is for the purpose of advertising Hilltop Birds of Prey, and are original works, be they video, photograph or music, they are entirely the property of Hilltop BoP and may not be used for any personal, or commercial use without prior consent.