4. Full Day Experience


Full Day Experiences run for approximately 6 hours. From 10am-4pm.



Enjoy a day out with our wonderful birds. Watch and participate in the flying of various species from owls hawks, and falcon families. Learning about their flying techniques from training stage right up to free flight.

The full day runs from 10am, right until 4pm, and lunch will be included, on site in the company of our birds. (don’t worry your food will be different from theirs).

We aim to have our experience days in as small groups as possible, to ensure you get as much handling as you would hope for. We do allow participant to bring a spectator for a small fee of £15. If you would like to take advantage of this, and get lots of photos of your day, please select ‘Spectator – FULL’.

This experience is by appointment only, so be sure to book your day.

4. Full Day Experience


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